Conference review #1: SkładQA 2018

Is it possible to organize conference for over 600 people without any budget, any sponsors and any company behind with only few people on the board? KraQA team says yes and for the third time has organized SkładQA – absolutely free, software quality conference. We had an opportunity to see in action best speakers talking about most up-to-date challenges in software testing and quality assurance, drink tasty beers and eat some food in cheerful place which Stara Zajezdnia in Cracow definitely is. Continue reading “Conference review #1: SkładQA 2018”

Best practices #1: Test quarantine

Many companies have a lot of regression tests but quite often are struggle with bunch of them failing every build or from time to time (flaky tests). Sometimes it is 25% or more of all of automation tests. What should you do as „quality” engineer in this situation? Should you stop deployment for months until you and your team to fix all of unstable and failing tests or should you manually check every single failure before every release to production? Or maybe you should just ignore it and wait till the situation will improve somehow itself? Continue reading “Best practices #1: Test quarantine”