Meetup review #1: Component testing of React.js applications with Enzyme – KraQA #29

It is quite easy to notice that end-to-end testing with javascript based frameworks is a trend right now. More and more tools appears on the market. Let’s just name Protractor, Enzyme, Nightwatch, Cypress… But are they just another fancy technologies that you can put into your CV or is it really make sense to transform testing stack into js?

That question were trying to answer Wojtek Czyżycki and Tomek Suwaj from Grand Parade during KraQA#29 meetup. Did they answered? Well, in my opinion they showed something slightly different, that test pyramid, code review and agile works. And as presenters showed on their case study they works great. By transformation to agile, applying code review and replacing heavy end-to-end tests with lightweight component tests they reduced test suite execution time from almost 1 hour to 15 minutes and increased code quality. Enzyme was rather a side effect of transformation but allowing to create component tests in a very easy manner when you have application based on React.js.

Was it worth spending 45 minutes? Yes, if you are interested in testing. Idea of this kind of events is to inspire people and this time many stayed after presentation to talk, share their thoughts in that field and have couple of beers 🙂 So if you are interested in software quality and live in Cracow or have an opportunity to take part into KraQA next time I recommend to do that. In fact, I recommend to take part into any of software testing meetups no matter if you are QA or developer – testing is your friend and weapon.

About KraQA:

KraQA is one of the biggest software quality and testing meetup in Poland. According to survey made by it is one of the best as well:

KraQA is organized by people from community so you would not see any company advertisement, wont get any gadgets or wont be tried to hire by recruiters. On the other hand you won’t get free pizza and you would need to buy a beer for yourself if you would like to drink one (or couple). In average they organize event once a month.