How many tests should I have

Probably most of us seen or came to a project where there was no tests or there was very few of them. On the other hand there is another big fraction of software (quality) engineers struggling with test suites that last for hours. In both situations the main question we should ask is “how many tests should we really have?”.

This is not that easy question to answer. First of all we need to realize why exactly do we need automated tests… Basically there are three main reason to automate testing effort:

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Best practices #1: Test quarantine

Many companies have a lot of regression tests but quite often are struggle with bunch of them failing every build or from time to time (flaky tests). Sometimes it is 25% or more of all of automation tests. What should you do as „quality” engineer in this situation? Should you stop deployment for months until you and your team to fix all of unstable and failing tests or should you manually check every single failure before every release to production? Or maybe you should just ignore it and wait till the situation will improve somehow itself? Continue reading “Best practices #1: Test quarantine”