Best practices #2: Why QA’s are hypocrites

The role of a quality engineer in many companies is not only testing features or implementing automation tests but introducing best coding practices and mentoring team how to test software. They (we actually) are telling developers how good coverage is important and almost force them to implement unit tests wherever it’s possible. And we all know that it’s a good approach. We all know that every production or reused code should be tested. But wait… Are testers who say so much about unit testing and coverage follow principles they enforce? Continue reading “Best practices #2: Why QA’s are hypocrites”

Learning #1: Conferences in 2018

By entering the IT world everyone needs to face the same problem: where to find best sources and materials for  learning. This industry is growing so fast that it’s hard to rely on books written 10 or more years ago. There are some exceptions but still most books are highly theoretical and you need some practical knowledge. That is why most of us are learning on the internet reading articles, blogs and tutorials. But there is another way which I recommend to try: conferences and meetups. Continue reading “Learning #1: Conferences in 2018”