Conference review #1: SkładQA 2018

Is it possible to organize conference for over 600 people without any budget, any sponsors and any company behind with only few people on the board? KraQA team says yes and for the third time has organized SkładQA – absolutely free, software quality conference. We had an opportunity to see in action best speakers talking about most up-to-date challenges in software testing and quality assurance, drink tasty beers and eat some food in cheerful place which Stara Zajezdnia in Cracow definitely is.

In one of my latest posts I said that conferences are rather to inspire than teach you anything and the best way is to focus on one or two takeaways from each presentation. What did I bring back with me from SkładQA?

First presentation „Contract testing” encouraged to make tests more lightweight by changing the perspective and replacing heavy integration tests with contract verification.

In the second performance Łukasz Rosłonek was showing that personal marketing is almost equally important to skills we have.

Next one introduced DevQAOps concept. Key takeaway was to try to find waste in our job and eliminate it. Too many tests, waiting for environment or for tests to be done, unused features, duplicated code are just a few examples of waste in our everyday life as a programmers.

Than Michał Krzyżanowski was telling about delivery pipelines, Mateusz Olejarka showed some hacks and Dawid Pacia was lunching sweets from the stage. At the end Karol Przystalski and Jakub  Blusiewicz brought some AI to testing. What I’ve remembered is that automation of the process is the key,  everything can be potential vector of attack and customer experience is much more important than bug free product. Even if product works as expected it may not meet the customer expectations. On the other hand some small bugs may not decrease customer experience at all.

Summarizing SkładQA was the good event to pick some knowledge, to be inspired and to talk with many other people from the industry having a pint of beer in front of you 🙂 See you next year at the 2019 edition.